Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Friday...

Friday and no place to be tonight! That is a change. We have to be on the soccer fields bright and early at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Well one week down of Preschool. I had a good day today, the kids were excited and well behaved today. We made gingerbread cookies, they run away and we go searching for them. It is fun. I found another good book, Maisy Makes Gingerbread, or something similar that was really good for the theme.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day, but mostly fun stuff!

I need to get motivated and hop on my eliptical machine for 20 mintues or so! I am off for now! Have a great weekend.


I just finished 30 minutes of serious sweating...feels great...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday at Last...

What a week. The most exciting thing is my friend Julie is a MOM! She adopted her son Nicholas yesterday! They are in China for another week and then he will come home! It is so exciting!

I have 18 four year olds this year in my class! We have had a pretty good first week. I have been really tired.

I had a serious melt down yesterday. I weighed myself before school. We weigh the kids on the first day of school and measure their heights. It shows how much they grow thoughout the year. It is for their "Me" books we make for them. Well, I did the same thing last year, weigh myself on the scale and freak out. Josh has to talk me though it. I actually cried yesterday. I have always been thin. I wasn't over 113 pounds until I was pregnant. Well, I haven't seen 113 since. I am ok with not being 113, but I don't want to get too far from 125. I have number issues. I look good, feel good, and my clothes usually fit great. I even wore a bikini all summer. I don't need to own a scale. I am really messed up with the numbers. Seriously, I don't think you probably realize how bad it is for me.

On a positive note, I did exercise today. I was really good at exercising about 5 times a week in the spring. Well, summer and it's lack of planning got ahold of me and I have been slacking.

Happy Birthday to my really motivated friend Lainie, who actually works out all the time and lost the weight to prove it! Love you Lainie!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jack in the Box

I see commercials! We don't have one here. There is one in Nashville that Josh and I ate at when we were up there for the Peter Mayer concert. Think about it--fast food with Tacos, Pitas, Egg Rolls, mass appeal! I think Josh even had Fish and Chips. My mom liked the Tacos. They were odd with American cheese slices for the cheese.

Tomorrow I go back to work! I worked all last week, but tomorrow I will have students! A new year's worth of adventures.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturdays aren't really relaxing afterall...

We started the day by heading to the soccer fields at 8AM. Both girls are playing at 8:30 and it is so hot that the games this week are shortened to half the typical time.

We head home afterwards and clean (fun) and sort out a lot of stuff to take to the a thrift store. The girls LOVE to go to thrift stores. Delaney found some more Beanie Babies. She has taken to collecting them, which is good since you and find them for really cheap now. Claire picked out a Doodle Bear, which is fun since Delaney already has one and we have the Doodle Bear markers already.

The whole world seemed to be at Sam's Club this afternoon. The lines were crazy--I had someone in line in front of me waiting in line while someone else shopped and promptly came running when it was their turn to check out. That was mildly annoying to me. Oh well, that's shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

We also went to Steak N Shake. I LOVE that place. I grew up going to Steak N Shake in Missouri. We had one open near us a few months ago. Yum, I had chili, fries, and a Cherry Coke. Real Cherry Coke, they add Cherry syrup to fountain Coke. It was worth the crazy $2 I paid for it. I find soft drinks to be overpriced and rarely order them. It is one of my funny quirks.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday's Week Review

This week I have been working at school getting ready for open house today and school starting Monday. I get really nervous at CPR training, but this year I really feel confident I would know what to do if I had to use it. I felt really good about that.

It is hot here. I heard there have been 9 days in a row of over 100 degrees. UGH!

Tuesday we went to dinner with some friends of ours at Po Boy Factory in Huntsville. I love that place. LOVE it. My favorite thing to eat in the whole world if the Blackend Mahi Po Boy. Seriously, it is my favorite meal.

On NPR, I heard an interesting discussion about Pearl Buck and The Good Earth. She was quoted to have said she would have given up all the success of The Good Earth to have had a healthy child. Apparently she had a child who was mentally challenged. Her success as an author provided for her daughter to live in residental care for the rest of her daughter's life. It was interesting. So, I have a renewed interest in reading The Good Earth. I read it in 9th Grade, but don't recall much about it.

Here's hoping for a relaxing weekend.