Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We went fishing for turtles and Grandma smoked a pipe

We went to my dad's for the weekend. It took us 10 hours to get there. It was a long day. We got there in time to go to bed on Friday night. We got up, I went through Dad's garage. He is getting ready to have a yard sale. He has tons of stuff, some of Mom's some just junk accumulated over the years.

We went to Kathy's (my aunt, my mom's sister) house. Jason went to get Grandma and took her to Kathy's. The kids played with Kathy's kids. My Uncle Bob (my mom's brother) and his wife Marilyn meet us there too. We spend the whole day there. Kathy and I went to some scrapbooking stores. I found some of the new Love, Elise papers I wanted. I was happy to find what I did, but was amazed that the store didn't order the whole line. No charms or chipboard at all. We called Dad and he met us at Mexican Villa for dinner in Springfield. We managed to get back to Dad's at around 9 PM.

The next morning, we get up and go fishing at Aunt Frankie's (my dad's sister) pond. We all catch fish and get hot and go back to my dad's for lunch. We have three of my dad's four sisters bringing food over. We eat and everyone leaves. We head back to the pond, we all catch more fish. It seems like there is a huge fish on Delaney's line. It was heavier than I could have imagined a fish being. I pull up the end of the line to see part of a huge turtle shell and his face. The line snapped and he is gone, with the hook and lead. I thought it might be sad to Delaney that she had a turtle, but she was excited. Not just anybody catches a turtle, especially a huge snapping turtle.

We get back to Dad's after 9, and the kids sleep while Josh and I pack up. We get up and get ready for the drive home. What a drive...though Missouri, Arkansas, Tennesee, Mississippi and then back home to Alabama. I was tempted to say, Sweet Home... well you can probably figure out the rest. It is good to be home. Maybe I can post some pictures of my new treasures. I have my great grandmother's pipe. I thought that was funny, but not surprising for my family. We are full of suprises all around.