Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cleaning and Thrift Stores

We spent the morning cleaning, so we could have fun this afternoon.  We hit all the thrift stores in town.  I am sure you know, I LOVE thrift stores.  The hunt, the treasures, and the total junk!  It's fabulous. 

I found these two cookbooks for $1 each.  

I also found some awesome boots.  They are probably from the 70s.  They are a reddish brown leather.  I have been reading online this evening about leather conditioner.  Anyone have any experience or opinions in restoring old leather?  They are fine as is, but I think a little something might be nice.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rise and Shine

I am not a morning person, I would love to sleep until 9.  I don't, but I do manage to make it until 7.  In the summer, I made it my goal to stay in bed until 8.  Didn't really work out most of the time, but we all need goals right?

Josh is out of town, I had to get the girls to school.  The alarm rang at 6.  I feel like there is something ungodly about 6 am.  I just doesn't sound good/right to me.  Tomorrow is a repeat of today.  I get them to school and me to work.  

Josh does this everyday, I am thankful.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

one out of two...

well still seems bad.  Oh, the ups and downs of election day.  Let it be known, I care too much about this sort of thing.

I Voted


Today is the day, the day that the signs should begin to dwindle. The door to door visits, and the phone calls should end.   I have never seen so many signs.  All for Mayor of Madison.  

Monday, August 25, 2008

sneezing and other thoughts

School is back in full swing for everyone.  The girls are happy with their teachers and classmates.  I seem to have a great group of kids in my class as well.  Some came last week coughing and sneezing, and now I am a bit under the weather.   I knew Thursday I was in trouble.  During circle time, an adorable four year old boy smiled and sneezed ALL over me.  I calmly asked him to wash his hands and get a tissue... now four days later, where are those tissues?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life is Good

My girls have the soccer and flowers shirts.  I have the breathe and tea shirts.  I love them, they make me smile!  I reused a tag from a shirt as a gift tag for Josh's anniversary gift.  I seemed perfect for the occasion. 

I love these guys.  

Friday, August 15, 2008


This is from here.

My friend John posted questions/answers from here.  I noticed this set of questions.

1.  Smells, and memories.  Do you have a scent that when you smell it, brings up a memory?  Do share.  My mom made wonderful sugar cookies.  They have almond extract it them, and when I smell anything with that scent, I think of my childhood.

2.  Songs.  Is there a particular song that brings back happy memories? There are many, but I always think of my childhood friend, Julie, when I hear "What a Friend We Have in Jesus".  We sang this song at camp.  It was my one and only time singing in public.  Thankfully, my mic wasn't on/working.

3.  How about a song that brings up painful memories? I really am uncomfortable with the hymns sang at my mom's funeral.  They have also been sang at most of the other funerals I have been at since then.  

4. Food.  Is there a certain food that conjures up memories? My mom's party mix.  It was my mom's "thing".  If you knew her, you are familiar with it.  YUM.  Now that I think of it, there are a lot of different food things I could mention.

5.  Clothing?  Do you have an item of clothing or if you see a certain item, does it make you think of a certain time/place or person?  I have a pair of Bass brown leather clogs that I bought right around the time I met Josh.  I love those shoes.  They were the most expensive shoes I had ever bought at that time.  They were full price at Dillards in Cape Girardeau--$50.  I loved those shoes.  I think I got my money's worth.  That semester was the best of my college experience. I made a lot of great friends that semester.  Many great times in Myers Hall, and I met Josh there on the Third Floor.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Almost Two Weeks...

I have had this ring for almost two weeks now.  Josh gave it to me on our tenth anniversary.  I love it, I gaze at it, it is perfect.  

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can't get away from the Baptist in me...

I think it is important for me to say a few things about me being a Baptist.  I hear a lot of complaining about churches being Baptist or not Baptist enough.  Is my church really Baptist?  Of course we are really Baptist, but what is Baptist really?

"Because of the importance of the priesthood of every believer, the centrality of the freedom of conscience and thought in Baptist theology, and due to the congregational style of church governance, doctrine varied greatly between one Baptist church and another (and among individual Baptists)."

Baptists aren't all supposed to be alike, Baptist churches aren't supposed to be alike.  I don't understand where this idea came from.  

Do I believe the same as every Baptist?  Do I believe the same as everyone in my church?  Do I have to? No, and that should be celebrated.  This is apart of church history.  I think that is what Baptist is all about.  

I am prepared for major disagreements. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

today's the day

Backpacks, new shoes, back to school outfits, this morning my girls went off to school looking cute.  They were excited this morning.  We'll see in a few hours how the day went.  It has been a long day for me.  

Monday, August 4, 2008


I don't tend to remember my dreams, but a few nights ago I had an odd one.  I noticed in my dream that the diamond was gone from my new ring.  I got nervous, then realized it wasn't really gone.  It had fallen deep inside the ring and it couldn't be seen. 

Analyze that...

My Girls Go to School Wednesday

I can't believe it.  We have to go back to being responsible people... summer vacation is over.  How did all this happen so fast?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ten Years Later...

Ten years ago, I was in a plane heading to Key West.  I think it was more like St. Louis to Atlanta, Atlanta to Miami, Miami to Key West--point being, Josh and I were heading to Key West for our honeymoon.  

Josh gave me a beautiful ring for our anniversary.  I love it, I actually went around town showing it off to some of my friends yesterday.  I catch myself gazing at it.