Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home in AL

Today I am thankful to be home. 

I love to travel, but there is something great about coming come.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Busy in Arkansas

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

Josh and I met up with friends for dinner Wednesday night.

Thursday is Thanksgiving--make some food, eat some food.

The whole gang goes to KMart, it is a Thanksgiving afternoon tradition.  We buy nothing.

Friday--Shop until late afternoon. 

The whole gang goes out for Chinese.

Put the kids to bed at Nana and Poppy's and Josh and I go to some other friends for a few hours.

Today, Josh and I go out to The River Market for a while.

I do some laundry.

In a few minutes Josh, the kids, and I will to to another friend's for pizza and etc.

Wow--we have been so busy.  I could use a nap.  

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Rambling

I am thankful that this year brought:

My tenth anniversary--somehow in spite of myself, I got the best husband ever.  I think it is possible for someone to maybe have as good a husband, but no way is there a better one out there.  Plus, he puts up with me and I can be a mess.

My Claire went to kindergarten and she went happily.  

My Delaney is in Second Grade and is a good kid.  When Claire was put on the wrong bus one day, Delaney keep on asking the driver about her sister.   They finally listened--found Claire, and all got home.  What a day!

Family vacation to Key West, where Josh and I spent our honeymoon!  It was so much fun with the girls.  My favorite place I have been to--yet.  

Wonderful trip to KC and visiting old friends and my brother while I was there.  It was a great three days--but action packed.

Eight and a half years ago, our real estate agent took me to a house that I knew was perfect.  I still feel that way when I drive up the driveway.  There  is something about it that I just love.  I knew it was my home the instant I saw it.  

Today, I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my home.  

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2008

Isn't this the cutest elf you've ever seen?

Every year we go to The Huntsville Botanical Gardens to walk through the lights.  For two weekends before Thanksgiving, they have walking nights.  It has become out family tradition.  Santa is always there to visit.  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Could I have found a more perfect quote to sum up my thoughts the past few months--years?

I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.
Harry Emerson Fosdick

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

We do a Thanksgiving Feast every year with my class and the other Four Year Old Class.  Everyone brings their favorite food to share.   We sing a few songs for the parents and all eat together.  It is a great time.  

I did the introduction today and cried.  I really am thankful for my wonderful class--and that their parents allow me the opportunity to teach and love them.    

I love my job.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Books and the Stories They Tell

I can't resist old books.  The life they have seen, the importance they must have had to someone to have survived 70 years on someone's bookshelf or even attic.  I went to The Booklegger today.  I found this book on the dollar cart.  It saddened me that several of the $1 books had the same signature inside.  I guess one's treasure isn't always the treasure of others.  

I read a bit and decided to take this one home with me.  It is a collection of sermons that were published in the Saturday Edition of The Evening Bulletin in Philadelphia.  I know nothing of this paper or of the author--but it's worth a dollar to me to learn.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Faces and Places at Were Home

I love Christmas music. I love it in Decemeber--and I love it in October and February. I might take a break in the Spring-Summer, but Fall-Winter is Christmas music season. I mentioned Peter Mayer a few days ago.

I love Harry Connick Jr., Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, and yes--Jimmy Buffett.

JB does a wonderful Merry Christmas, Alabama. Forgive the lack of capitalization. It is not mine--but every place I found the lyrics online had the same errors. Take the time to read these. I think it is worth your effort.

Where has life taken me? During the holidays, I reflect on my memories growing up in Festus. The fun of my college years in Cape Girardeau. The excitment of those first two married years in Rolla, MO. All these wonderful Alabama holidays as well. I had a two week old baby girl one Christmas. Two years later, I was one week from delivering another baby girl.

I love to think of the faces and places at were home.

Merry christmas, alabama
Merry christmas, tennessee
Merry christmas, louisiana
To st. barths and the florida keys

Merry christmas, mississippi
Where i started this wild and crazy run
Such a long way from that first birthday
Merry christmas, everyone

And merry christmas, colorado
Though far from you all i have roamed
'tis the season to remember
All the faces,
And the places that were home

'tis the season to remember
And to count up all the ports of call i've known
And to thank his mercies tender
For i'm never far from home


Merry christmas to my saints and guardian angels
Who protect me as i roam
'tis the season to remember
All the faces
And the places that were home

Guess my life's moved at near light speed
Since i started this wild and crazy run
Such a long way from that first birthday
Merry christmas, everyone

'tis the season to remember
No we're never far from home
Merry christmas, everyone.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I did not grow up with a tradition of Advent.  It sort of showed up in my life about ten-fifteen years ago.  Did it become a more prevalent in Baptist churches in the 90's or is this just my experience?  

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sing Joy--or possibly the best song ever written

My favorite Christmas Album, and quite possibly favorite album of all is Stars and Promises by Peter Mayer. I have given at least twenty copies of this album as gifts.

I gave a copy to a friend and we were listening to it while watching our Toddler's Sunday School class. Another person at church walked in and knew right away it was Peter Mayer.  

Well, that person and I developed an instant relationship. She called me a few weeks later at work. She had an extra ticket to see Peter Mayer in Nashville--that night. 

We stuck around after the show, she knew I needed a picture with Peter (December 2005).  I told him how much this song, Sing Joy, helped me in my dark times. I listened to it over and over in the months after my mom died. It really speaks to me still. I have learned to experience Joy--in the times where there is little Joy. There are those times.

Sing Joy
Peter Mayer
Come gather together you children who wander
Looking for dreams that the whole world has squandered
You've lost them you've sold them for pockets of gold
You long to come in from the cold... Oh sing
Joy joy joy in the morning
Joy joy in the afternoon
Joy joy joy for the child is born
This night the promise is given to you
Lying in the cradle no warrior no king of the land
Only a child would bring peace in the palm of his hand
Singing joy joy joy

Through trails and darkness fear and temptation
You look for deliverance and some revelation
With no song of spring you wait for the call
Could there be nothing at all... Oh sing joy
Joy joy joy in the morning
Joy joy in the afternoon
Joy joy joy for the child is born
This night the promise is given to you

Early Morning

I am not a morning person.  I woke up early to go to the Charity Sale at Belk's.  I was ready to meet my friend at 6:15--then I couldn't find my keys for 15 minutes.  I looked all over, and somehow found them in my purse.  Yeah, that was the first place I looked.

It was a great morning, I found some great Christmas gifts.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

 Anyone heard of this movie?

I know it is highly unlikely.  This is one of my favorite movies.  It is just mindless fun.  It doesn't have a profound message, it is a nice movie that takes me back to being a teen.  I watched this movie at a friend's birthday when I was about 15.  

I had a VHS copy until last year, when Josh told me he would buy me a DVD if I would part with the VHS tape.  We didn't even have a VCR anymore.

My other favorites are much different.  I have loved It's a Wonderful Life since I was a little girl.  As an adult I developed a great love for movies with subtitles.  I have an unexplainable soft spot for Nicholas Cage's movies. 

Somehow, this Dana Carvey movie tops the list.  It didn't win any awards.  It didn't leave a profound impression on the masses.  It did make me laugh a lot.  Sometime that is enough.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food Thoughts and My Cheapness

Regarding my cheapness, I made a hand soap dispenser from this face soap bottle. I removed the label and refilled it with pretty pink liquid soap! I have it in my bathroom. I love it! It was a foaming face wash, so it dispenses foamy hand soap. I am easily impressed with myself at times.

Food Issues/Thoughts

1. I should be a vegetarian. I am easily disgusted my the idea of what meat really is.

2. My love of bacon makes #1 next to impossible. I try to not think about what it is--and enjoy the yumminess.

3. I want to loose 10 lbs.

4. I lack motivation and willpower (even though I am extremely stubborn), so #3 is unlikely.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


If you are anywhere near my age, you know what this is right away.  This image is one of the most powerful in my childhood. 

 The Challenger Space Shuttle

When I was in college, I took a course called "Reading the Visual Image".  I had to find an image that impacted me.  I knew this was the one.  I had to search for it on rolls of microfilm of newspapers. 

I remember watching this event on the television at my elementary school.  Was there any doubt, even for a child that something went terribly wrong when we saw this?  This image says more than many words.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This image reminds me of growing up south of St. Louis in Festus, MO.  I had the ideal childhood.  I have warm, wonderful memories of growing up.  I was surrounded by people  so wonderful, that I can not find words kind or generous enough to describe them.

A few years into college, I spent a summer in upstate New York as a summer missionary.  When I was on my flight home, I saw something magical from the air.  I saw the Arch.  In an instant I felt such joy.  I knew I had made it through--I was home.  

Wanna Play Barbies?

I am not usually home in the morning, so today I saw commercials I have never seen before.  One was a Barbie commercial.  There are women in their thirties talking about their Barbie Dream Houses.  Then at the end you hear little girls saying...Wanna Play Barbies?  

I love Barbie...

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I spent most of the weekend home alone.  The rest of my family were on a camp out.  I watched some movies, read, and slept--a lot.  It was a peaceful weekend, until this morning. 

I went to church alone--which was strange.  I felt lonely not having my family with me at church.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is there any doubt?

Is there any doubt that this man is my father?  I definitely have the Griffitts mannerisms and expression--and there is no doubt the features.  We Griffitts have a distinctive nose that I have begun to make peace with.  

My dad taught me to speak up for what I believe in.  My family always talked religion and politics.  The idea that it is not spoken in polite company was foreign to me.  I have gotten myself in uncomfortable situations--but it is apart of me.

My dad taught me to develop relationships with people different than me.  I realized this recently.  My dad is the kind of person who is friends with unexpected people--for no glory or outside gain. I can think of many examples of this. 

Dad taught me to love the political process.  The thrill of voting.  The greatness of freedom.

Dad knows the importance of commitment.  In many areas.   Even though I was miserable in New York, Dad knew I had to finish my commitment there.  I would not have ever forgiven myself for quitting.  Even when it is easier to give up--it isn't an option most of the time.

My dad loves his family.  He loved Mom.  I never once doubted their love or their marriage.  I never doubted of their love for me.  I know this has been tested.  Dad knows I voted for Clinton.  

It's not a bad thing to grow up to be like your parents, especially if your parents were as great as mine.  


Please read this post.  I feel this beautifully tells the story of the historical importance of this election.  

One does not have to have the same politics to appreciate the significance.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted

I love Election Day.  I feel like a child on Christmas Morning today.  I arrived at the polls at 6:45--there were hundreds of people ahead of me.  My turn came about an hour and fifteen minutes later.  I love the process.  I always have.  My parents instilled in my the importance of voting--even in the "little" elections.  

Some how along the way, Josh and I developed the tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Election Night.  We have a party to go to, but decided we would not eat there and get our KFC on the way home.  

What an awesome day, what a great process--I love every minute.  My choices probably won't all be elected, but I did my part.  That is all I can do.  

Happy Election Day everyone--enjoy process.  So what if there are lines, it should thrill you so many people care!  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fiesta Love

I love Fiesta dishes. I love finding old Fiesta pieces for thrift store prices. Three times in the past two months, I have found old fiesta pieces for a quarter or less. The first two were mugs. One is yellow and the other green. The pair were sold to me for a quarter. Yesterday, I found a green serving bowl. I love it.

The style of the mugs are the same as the current fiesta--only smaller. I guess we like to refill less often now--or consume more. Care to guess which one is more likely?

Not loving the new color on the Fiesta website--Chocolate. That seem very unfestive to me. I guess it could join Black and Grey in the unfestiveness. I personally love brightly colored fiesta.

Happiness on a plate...