Thursday, April 30, 2009


My girls are off school for a week.  Not for Spring Break or a scheduled vacation--swine flu apparently found two of their classmates.  Yes, our school happens to have the first two probable cases in our state.   Not something I would have ever imagined.  Last night they announced it.  I was shocked.  The phone rang and rang.

Today was our first day off.  We cleaned, washed sheets and linens, I mowed the grass, and now...there is nothing to do for six more days.  

Oh, I know there is always something to do.  I thankfully took some school work home with me.  I should get caught up on those things.  It is hard so close to the end of the year to miss so much. I wonder how we are going to get it all done.  I also wonder how long we will have to go into our summer vacation to make this up.  

Day one--we are all healthy and happy.  I hope the healthy aspect keeps on and that we don't all grow restless with being at home.  I am already bored. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Babies and Blessings

From time to time, I feel like we should have done the typical thing at my church and have a baby dedication.  We didn't do this for either of the girls.  I am sort of a traditionalist in this regard, and it isn't something that I quite understand the purpose of in our Baptist tradition.  

At our church, the parents usually hold the baby and there is a reading of pledging to raise the child in a Godly way.  Our pastor walks around and shows the child to the congregation.  It is always nice and the child receives a lot of attention. The church members read something agreeing to support the parents and the child.  I hope that the church will help us with the spiritual upbringing of my girls, even though there was not a public declaration of such.  

I understand the purpose of baby baptisms and blessings in other faiths.  They serve a designed purpose and role in many congregations.  I haven't yet concluded the purpose in my own.  In reading on the topic, it appears that baby dedications have been popular in the South for much longer than other regions.  This could be why I was not familiar with it being the norm. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Run, Run, Run...

A friend, who happens to be more consistent and dedicated than me, is running a half marathon this weekend.  I hope it goes well.  I am thinking about you.  I may dust off my running shorts today in honor of you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are the People Our Parents Warned Us About...

I had the great time at the Jimmy Buffett concert in Atlanta on a Thursday night.  

Ah, it was a great one.  The first stop on this Summer's tour.  The band was on--and Jimmy was in great form.  It is hard to explain, but these experiences represent a part of me.  I am not a carefree, relaxed person by nature.  I like order and structure.  The "parrothead" part of me is the escape from everyday life.  I go and sing my heart out--I yell and scream.  I enjoy every second of it.  

For a few hours once a year I am with Jimmy traveling down US 1 to Key West.  I am waiting for the Volcano to blow and watching out for the sharks.  I am searching for that lost shaker of salt and enjoying a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  It's an unusual journey, but well worth the trip every time.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Four Years

Many things can happen in four years.  One can complete a college education in four years time.  Seasons can change eight times in four years time.  My oldest daughter is twice as old as she was four years ago.  For that matter, my younger daughter is three times as old as she was four years ago.  I was in my twenties four years ago.  

It is amazing how time can seem both fleeting and stagnant.  In many ways it seems like these four years have vanished in an instant.  Other moments, it feels like I have been stuck here forever.  Four years of memories, four years of birthdays and anniversaries.  

Four years ago, my mom died.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday, I turned 33.  It was a great birthday.  I had lots of well wishers at work, and I had friends bearing doughnuts.  Seriously! 

I have raved about a new doughnut place in town.  I love their apple fritters and doughnuts.  My friend and co worker Carol brought me an apple fritter.  My aide in my classroom, Teresa brought me two jelly (raspberry my favorite) filled doughnuts from there a little while later.   My friend Quincy and her daughter came bearing--two apple fritters!  

I am so glad people listen to me!  I have raved about that place, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by those who remember.  

My dad came for a visit and I  shared my apple fritters with him!  

Thank you all for your kind wishes and sweet treats!  It was a wonderful birthday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I dislike this idea that I am a sensitive person.  I am not a delicate little flower type. I admit I am sensitive and a bit emotional lately.  I get this way this time of year.  My birthday is coming up which reminds me that the anniversary of my mom's death is approaching.  

On my 29th birthday, I cried.  My mom was dying--it was at the end and we were waiting.  I took the girls to the botanical gardens to try to cheer myself up.  I was yelled at by a garden volunteer for looking at plants for sale.  I didn't know it was the presale for a certain group of people. I cried.  I was already feeling miserable--trying to celebrate my birth as my mom was dying.  She died six days later.  

All this makes me be a sensitive and emotional person right now.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clear Paths or Bumpy Roads?

I have always been prone to taking the clear path. I knew what I was going to major from day one in college. I had my path to follow, I took it. I graduated. I found a teaching job. That is how I work. Sort of boring and safe, but I liked the security.

I longed from time to time to be free and unpredictable. Explore my love of odd subjects and not worry about future employment. I wasn't raised that way--and I am not that way by nature. I needed to be able to support myself after graduation--and pay back the student loans that made that possible.

I love teaching--it is a path that suits me well. I sometimes wonder what else I could have done. Is there another passion that I was too busy on my clear path to discover? Now I am busy working, parenting, life-ing that I feel the window of exploring is nearly closed.

At times I think it would be fun to go to college and just take classes. Find things that interest me and pursue only my own education not a major or career path. Although I wonder if I would be drawn to a clear path once again--it seems to be my way.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

40 Years

Beecher and Patty Griffitts

My parents were married April 4, 1969.  They met and married rather quickly--they both claimed that they knew it was right. 

Those few people in the background--the guests.  The story went, my mom didn't want people looking at her.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lessons from the past few weeks

I have learned several things in my hours at the school board meetings.  Sometimes it seems the system is flawed--yet at times it seems spectacular.  I think overall, my impressions are positive.  I am confident that we have an ideal Superintendent.  He has taken the time to respond to many emails.  Several of which were mine.  The Board of Education also has my respect.  

I didn't go away from all the meetings happy, but when the final decision was made I accepted it.  Time to move on to other issues.  I am proud of myself that I took the time to attend the meetings.  I voiced my concerns publicly and privately.

I have stirred within me a desire to be involved.  I am sorting out exactly what that means. There has never been a doubt that I love my community.  It is a great place to be.