Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toad What?

Josh and I were able to attend Toad Suck Daze, which is an annual festival in Conway, AR. We happened to be nearby when we escaped the power outages at home after last month's tornadoes.

This is named for a local lake/park which is named for some sort of something steamboat operators would yell out--or something like that. It's a family friendly event, even though the name is suspect.

Anyway, Jerry Jeff Walker was the headline music act Saturday! We were in town and JJW was there for FREE!

We had made plans to go with some friends, but in typical current fashion, the weather was not agreeable. Storms were coming and the concert was move up by several hours. It wasn't doable for our friends, but we jumped in the car and made it. Well, we got a bit turned around. We missed the first few songs. We parked and I RAN to the stage. :)

So, in a seven day span, I was able to see Jerry Jeff Walker in AR , Jimmy Buffett in MO, and Mac McAnally in AL.

Claire, Delaney, and Mac McAnally at The Whistle Stop Festival in Huntsville, AL


I am going to a concert Tuesday...

My dad is coming to stay with the girls. :)

To the land of coconut bras and grass skirts, here I come.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minor Woes

I had to have a gum graft. Yeah, fun stuff. They take skin from your mouth and attach it to your gums. Odd but true.

I apparently dissolve stitches at rapid speed, so I had some issues. Yes, my stitches came out in two days rather than 5-6. So, I had to be extra careful for fear the graft would fall off. I have had three checks in the first week, when originally it was see you in two weeks. Fun times, lots of soup, pudding, and jello.

It's been an odd week or so for The Hortons.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, it's been a bit crazy around here. Big News:Tornadoes. LOTS of them all over Alabama. Some of them too close to think about to my home. No school for a week due to power outages and major clean up.