Monday, June 25, 2012

Cooking with Rick (sort of)

I have a stack of beloved cookbooks, well maybe not a stack--it may be more like shelves upstairs and shelves down stairs with a few favorites in the kitchen.

I love Rick Bayless's cookbooks.  If I have a favorite "celebrity chef" he is it.  One day I will go to Chicago and visit one of his restaurants.  I will admit, I even follow him on twitter.  A few days ago, grabbed one of his books, and began marking recipes to cook this summer.

The past few days there has been some delicious food around here.


Recently I have been thinking about my home.  I love my home, but it is true that comparison breeds discontent.  Yes, most of my friends have upgraded and some upgraded again.  I am still in my little home that I,  most of the time, love.

I was listening to Zac Brown Band today and I heard this line.
And my house it's not much to talk about
But it's filled with love
That's grown in southern ground
I am not going to be featured in Southern Living for my decorating skills.  It's not spotless or perfect, but people are welcome.  Comfortable, warm, and inviting that is what makes a home.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Impact of Music

It's amazing how music can soothe your soul and also bring you right back to that moment.  I have several songs that were particularly profound for me. When Delaney was a baby I often sang to her bits of "Delaney Talks to Statues" by Jimmy Buffett.  It's a perfect Father/Daughter song.  I get a bit teary when I hear it.
Delaney talks to statues
As she dances 'round the pool
She chases cats through Roman ruins
And stomps on big toadstools
She speaks a language all her own
Just a little like her mother
And she knows I love her so
When I tuck her 'neath the covers

When Claire was young I was carry her to bed and sing this song to her.
Hush little baby Don't you cry
I'm never going away-a
A mightly fine woman someday you'll be
Wedding bells are gonna chime
You'll shed a few tears over the years
The lamb and lion are gonna play-a 
Till tomorrow when the new moon shine
I'm gonna love you in the meantime

In the months after my mom died I listened to Peter Mayer's Stars and Promises album over and over.  I even went to see Stars and Promises tour that year for the first time.  I shared with him how much "Sing Joy" meant to me.

Through trails and darkness fear and temptation 
You look for deliverance and some revelation 
With no song of spring you wait for the call
Could there be nothing at all... Oh sing joy
Joy joy joy in the morning
          Joy joy in the afternoon
Joy joy joy for the child is born
This night the promise is given to you

Josh and I had "Come Monday" by Jimmy Buffett played at our wedding. Every concert I hear it sung, and I think for a few minutes of that day in July of 1998.  I have so many other examples of great and not so great songs that take me back to a time of my life.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worthwhile or Not?

I love writing blog posts that are sentimental, witty, and profound.  Well, or maybe one of the three sometimes.  What's the problem?  What's the point?  Do my friends/family/enemies read it?

Is it a creative outlet or a waste of time?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Again, Again

Josh and I enjoyed a great day in Atlanta including Varsity dogs, Varsity Orange Drink, and of course, a Varsity Peach Pie.  The day was followed by an evening at Lakewood hearing (and seeing!) Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Again

Yep, after a glorious ten days away I am home. Eight Disney Days and one day of Harry Potter at Universal--fun, full, all to quickly passed days.

Ah, now to enjoy the leisure of summer.