Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Life of Living

I can't complain that I am bored.  My family is quite busy and I am often finding more things to add to the mix.  I have a few "dreams" some big and some small.

Ivy Green, Helen Keller's home (which is far too close my my own to have never visited)

Mexico City--my dream since my Uncle Bob as a missionary there when I was little I heard great stories about Mexico from Aunt Nancy

Cartwheel--still want to learn without breaking arms and legs

Popovers--bought the pan, need to bake some

Paris/London/European Adventure

Jimmy Buffett in Vegas

More Farmer's Market Visits

Make Time for Friend Lunches/Tea/Trips

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love What You Have and Use What You Love

This may sum up at least a portion of my life's motto.

I like old stuff--especially old kitchen items, mixing bowls, etc.  I don't like having collections of stuff.  I like using them--it is what I have in my kitchen.  I love to bring a casserole in my snowflake pyrex dish.  I love mixing up cookies in my yellow mixing bowl.

I don't what to have things I am scared of using.  Why have it if it is too precious to enjoy?  My mother's mixing bowls and Grandma's casserole dish--were used by them and I enjoy remembering them as I continue to do so.

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Update of Sorts

I struggled with my dad remarrying.  I wanted to think of him with Mom--end of story.

I cried a lot.  I talked about it--even seeking out my pastor's counseling on the subject.  The reality of the situation really tore me up emotionally.

A month after the wedding, I had the opportunity to meet my dad's wife.  She is kind and Dad seems happy.

I imagined that I would be ill with worry and angst over the meeting, but it came and went and I feel better about the situation.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't Take It for Granted

I had the opportunity to talk to two German filmmakers while I was at a film festival.  I happened to have seen both of their films the day before.  I asked a few questions about the films and then listened as one of them told about being 20 years old and crossing from East Germany just hours after The Wall was down. 

One of the men made a comment to not take things for granted---that life can change in an instant.