Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Who knew they were so delicious?  I imagine Earth Fare did--that is why they had a coupon for a free pound.  Yum, I never knew they were SO good.

I've got it together...

Uh, no.  I manage the day to day pretty well, until something "off" happens.  It throws me for a loop.  Schedules are shifted around and life goes on.  My melting down freak out doesn't change the facts or help at all.

Will I ever learn?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Over It

That is a dramatic title to say I am tired of drama.

It seems like there is a lot of drama.  Where is the respect and compromise?  These traits seem to be things of the past.

In the world, our nation, even in my community--the tension and disrespect level is high.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love the Library--Sshh..

I love the library.

I love that I had two books on hold for me today.

I love that I saw my friend Quincy at the library.

I love that I quickly went outside to knock on the windows and wave to some of my favorite little ones.

I love that I used a quiet for me voice to say good bye to my friend and she whispered back.

I have had a wonderful day indeed.

Sshhh, guess what?  Two memoirs, a novel, and two cookbooks, aahh...I love the library.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Showers

April has been a month of tears for me at times.  I will always remember the April of 2005.  I had a two year old and a four year old.  I spent a week in the early part of April visiting my parents' home in Hillsboro, MO.  A home that they had not lived in long before my mother's cancer recurrence.  I left for the airport and Mom never left her bed again.

The next week I would call home and talk to my Dad--I don't remember hearing my mother's voice again.  I remember my birthday, April 14, I received a card signed Mom and Dad in my father's handwriting.  My mother was usually the card signer/sender.

I went to my favorite place, The Huntsville Botanical Gardens.  They were holding a plant sale.  I had a wagon loaded with my two girls and I was trying to escape for a few minutes the grief and unknown of losing my mother.  I stumbled into the plant sale a few minutes before the public sale began and a woman, who I am sure is usually kind a lovely, scolded me that I couldn't buy plants right now.  I cried. It's true the often seen statement that you never know what battles people are fighting.

Dad called on April 19, I needed to get home as soon as possible.  I was flagged by security at the airport, probably because of my one way ticket bought at the last minute.  I had the experience of being patted down and questioned.  I arrived in St. Louis at about midnight.  My mother's dear friend Barb Matlock came to pick me up from the airport.  I will never forget her face when she looked at me said--I wish I knew what to say to prepare you.

I sat with my mom all night long, holding her hand and singing and humming hymns.  My mother loved hymns.  Hymns often trigger memories of her.