Friday, June 28, 2013

Joy on the Island, Key West, FL

Jimmy Buffett wrote this song about seeing the Sunset at Mallory Square in Key West, I couldn't say it any better. 
Yeah now, the sun goes slidin cross the water
Sailboats they go searchin for the breeze
Salt air it aint thin
It can stick right to your skin and make you feel fine
Makes you feel fine

What a fine trip we had.  Busy with several stops along the way.  We tried new things and went to some new places and enjoyed it all.

My heart still loves Key West.  I am enchanted with the area.  I love the poncietta trees that seem to grow like weeds.  The smell of the night jasmine is blissful.  Cafe con leche with flan, plantains, black beans and rice--ah, how I crave Cuban food.  There is something special about the sunset over Mallory Square and it makes me feel fine indeed.