Sunday, November 15, 2015

What is important?

What do you think my passions are? I read something tonight that said to ask your friends and that their responses might not be what you expect.

Send me a message or reply if you have an answer.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Take a Chance? No Thanks.

Some people love to lead, some refuse to dance
Some play it safely, others take a chance 
Still it's all a mystery, this place we call the world 
Where most live as oysters while some become pearls

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I like to live--I like to go, I like to experience, I like to do things.  I am also a play it safe girl.  It's an odd combo.  It is hard for me to open myself up for change.  I have put myself out there and taken chances and have fallen flat on my face.  Rejection that shook me, so much that I can't quite make sense of a lot of it months going on years later.  The gnawing, why wasn't I good enough?  I really still believe I was.

How do you recover from the harsh shake of reality when risks don't end up like you hoped?  I know that I lost a speck of my hope that people generally are good and have good intentions.  I try to hold firm to that belief and not let too much of it be chipped away.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Oysters And Pearls"

"Oysters And Pearls"

Lindbergh left Long Island in 1927
Thumbed his nose at gravity
And climbed into the heavens.
When he returned to earth that night everything changed,
For the pilot and the planet, everything was rearranged.

We're a pretty mixed up bunch
Of crazy human beans
It's written on our rocket ships
And in early cave wall scenes.

How does it happen,
How do we know,
Who sits and watches
Who does the show?

Some people love to lead
And some refuse to dance.
Some play it safely, other take a chance.
Still it's all a mystery
This place we call the world
Where most live as oysters
While some become pearls.

Elvis was the only man from Northeast Mississippi
Who could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops and hippies.
It's something more than DNA that tells us who we are
It's method and it's magic, we are of the stars.


Some never fade away, some crash and burn
Some make the world go round, other watch it turn.
Still it's all a mystery
This place we call the world.
Most are fine as oysters
While some become pearls.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here is a quote from Chris Guillebeau.  As mentioned last week, I read his book The Art of Non-Conformity.

CG: I’d start by asking questions. What are you excited about? What did you like to do when you were a kid? Then I’d take it farther and ask What bothers you about the world? There are plenty of problems out there; which one bothers you the most and how can you work towards fixing it?

I have been thinking about these questions.   The answers are not easy ones.  Perhaps I am over thinking, I often do.

What are you excited about?
Talking to people, I love talking to people.  Cooking/Recipes/Traditions, I find joy in making my grandmother's and my mother's recipes.  Carrying on family traditions by canning and sometimes doing things the hard way.  I find peace in hearing live music.  I always am ready to leave town and go somewhere.   I want to pass on those parts of me to my girls.  Superficially I love a good deal and a great cup of tea.  I'm searching for the perfect bowl of Red Beans and Rice.

 What did you like to do when you were a kid?
 Lynnea as a child.  It's been awhile.  I loved Barbies and making them clothes.  I was thrilled to learn I was having a girl when I was expecting my first child, so that I could wander the Barbie aisle.  My girls are nearly 15 and 13, and I wandered the aisle a few days ago.  Ah, Barbie!  I've loved Earl Grey tea for long enough that I can't remember a Christmas Stocking without a box of it.  I played school and library.  I made library cards for my books.  I spent many hours drawing and playing with paper dolls.  When I was in Third Grade I became interested in the Kennedy family after reading a biography on JFK.  I still read just about every book I can find on them.  I have recently learned that not all my peers enjoy a Presidential Library visit as much as I do.

The other questions are for another time.


I see a lot of things on Facebook.  This one really made me think.  I pretty much fail at most of these things.  I want peace. I like to see others happy, often at my own expense.  I think terribly of myself often for not sticking up for myself.
I know my limits, but I am not willing to tell others no because I don't want to seem not a team player or helpful.
I don't want others to think I can't handle things.  Truthfully, I am tired.