Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Things to do--someday

See Manatees

Eat at a Rick Bayless Restaurant

Visit Mexico City

Visit Hawaii and Alaska to complete my 50 States

Afternoon Tea

Bake Popovers

Master Rye Bread

Visit Vancouver

Eat Fries from a Stand in Belgium

Visit Hemingway's Home in Cuba

Hear John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett Together

What I want to continue doing:

Jazz Fest
Any reason to be in New Orleans
Key West--anything in the Keys
Lots of Live Music
Drink lots of tea
Disney World and Disneyland

Crazy March--April is Coming

March was a whirlwind.  I had two trips and Josh had a two and half week work trip. So, it was busy and it was a bit crazy.  I did some cooking in the cookbook challenge.  Almost ready for Cookbook 7's review.  I had a trip to Missouri to attend True/False Film Fest--which is always full of interesting films.  The following week I went to a Natural Foods Expo in California for work.

April--yes, April is coming. April will mark 11 years since my mom died.  Sometimes, I think that date gets harder as the years go by.  What would she say or do?  It gets fuzzier as the years past.  It's hard that my girls really don't remember her. They were only four and two, so I knew they wouldn't remember much. Delaney has a memory of my mom and play doh.  I think that may be influenced by a photograph, but it's something.  This April I turn 40.  Typing that I nearly teared up.  I am not looking forward to it.