Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lu Lu's Cookbook--Full of Favorites

I have had the cookbook from Lu Lu's since it was first released at the restaurant.  I have found the recipes are no fail--and taste amazingly like the restaurant's versions.  They updated and released it through a larger publisher and Josh and the girls bought me the updated version for Mother's Day.

The original one has been on my cookbook stand in the kitchen almost every day since I got it--but my in laws visited and I think my mother in law must have taken it down to read it.  I have yet to locate it.  I guess it's good I have the updated one also.  :)

Over the years I have relied on the tatar sauce, cocktail sauce, and orange marmalade sauce as staples.  The crab melt, mahi tacos, shrimp and grits have been made regularly.  In the spirit of trying new things I made her Chicken Salad--oh my, best chicken salad I have ever made.

I love this cookbook.  I know it would make my top ten.  I wonder if I had to grab one book if that would be the one.  Of course, I need to find where it is hidden in the house or grow to love the updated one as much.  

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